iMessage iOS 7.0.2 problems ongoing

iMessage iOS 7.0.2 problems ongoing... iPhone 5 updated to iOS 7.0.2

Had performed following steps last week:

1) Settings > Messages > iMessage - Off

2) Restarted iPhone

(It was in this manner that I was able to see all the messages that had previously shown a sent "successfully" show up and "Not Delivered")

3) Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

4)  Settings > Messages > iMessage - On

Just last night, noticed iMessages reaching a device running iOS 7.0 that was not delivered to my iPhone 5 that is running iOS 7.0.2.

Let us think about how this plays out.  If you are using an iPhone currently, you send a message that you *think* goes out okay, but the other party has not necessarily received it. The opposite can occur for a message that someone else has sent to you.  Pretty much the basis of a communication breakdown.  For your listening pleasure: