High Sierra Apple Mail issues


Apple Mail problems
High Sierra downloading
taking forever

Unreliable email delivery in Apple Mail under current (beta) of High Sierra, severely impacting productivity. Using web mail and iPhone to mitigate, but problematic as limited features and breaks workflow.

mail-stuck downloading-miving-messages.png

No relief. After extremely long delay, it started with a new batch of downloads. But still appears to be stuck moving the same messages as before.

(17E160e) No relief


More lengthy discussions here:

For those with issues on the non-beta:

Eventually, after exhausting all other possible fixes, broke down and deleted email account (IMAP so little risk to data) and re-added. Had to reconstruct some broken mail rules, and signatures, etc., but all seems to be in working order now. Perhaps the only data loss would be some sixteen messaging that were "moving" without success as presented by the hung process bar. Oh well.