Filemaker Pro 18 Advanced


What's New

New user interface for importing data

More easily map imported source data to FileMaker fields using the new Import Field Mapping dialog box. Use type ahead instead of drag and drop for greater efficiency. And specify custom delimiters when importing certain file types.

Open specific app at launch

Provide better app discoverability for your users. Open a specific custom app when launching FileMaker Pro Advanced.

File version comparison

Use a preview release script step to save a copy of a FileMaker file as XML. Use the XML file to more easily compare changes and updates to your custom app.

File-based script steps

Create scripts that read, write, and manage external data files to write log files or export data in a custom format. Replaces the need for many file-based plug-ins.

Script Error Logging

Now you can more easily debug your workflow automation. Use a preview script step to write information about script errors to a log file.

While calculation function

This calculation function repeats logic while the condition is true, then returns the result, replacing the need for some recursive custom functions.

SetRecursion calculation function

Set the maximum number of iterations for recursion and loops within an expression. The default limit is 50,000 iterations to more easily stop a recursion or loop from running indefinitely. The limit can be lowered or raised using this function.

New managed security access

This new privilege allows developers to offload account access management to other team members without needing to provide full access to any other parts of the file.

Manage Security dialog box

The streamlined Manage Security dialog box allows you to be more efficient in managing access to your custom apps.

Plug-in security enhancements

Ensure your plug-ins come from a trustworthy source before they are automatically loaded by your FileMaker app. Within the Plug-in SDK, developers are able to digitally sign plug-ins. Notifications warn users before loading an unsigned plug-in.

Default file access protection

Prevent other FileMaker files from accessing the data and schema in your custom app. The "Require full access privileges to use references to this file" is now enabled by default in newly created files.