Compare Apple Laptop Models 2016 Q1

There are currently six different retail models of Apple laptops, consisting of sixteen configurations to choose from: 

MacBook (12" two retail models, three colors each)

MacBook Air 11"  (two retail models)

MacBook Air 13" (two retail models)

MacBook Pro 13" (one retail model)

MacBook Pro 13" retina (three retail models)

MacBook Pro 15" retina (two retail models)

Add to the above, the non-retail custom configurations of assorted memory, drive size and processor, and there are over seventy-five variants to choose between.

Key criteria to consider:

  1. Performance.
  2. Size (laptop footprint when closed).
  3. Weight.
  4. Screen Size.
  5. Screen Quality (retina displays are far better).
  6. Battery life.
  7. Storage (many models cannot have larger drives put in later).
  8. RAM (many models cannot have more RAM added later).
  9. Ports/Connectivity/Expandability.

Smallest, lightest, with the best screen is the MacBook (12" retina).

  • $1,299 8GB/256GB to
  • $1,599 8GB/512GB

The largest, most powerful with the best screen is the MacBook Pro 15" retina.

  • $1,999 16GB/512GB/2.2GHz/Intel Graphics
  • $3,199 16GB/1TB/2.8GHz/AMD Graphics

The MacBook Pro 13" retina is a nice sweet spot.

  • $1,499 8GB/256GB/2.7GHz i5

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