import media into iMovie (2013)

You can import media—video, audio, photos, and graphics files—from your computer’s hard disk, a connected external storage device, a memory card inserted in your computer’s card slot or a card reader, or a hard disk on your home or business computer network. You can import media using the Import window or by dragging files from the Finder. 

Import media using the Import window

  1. If the media you want to import is on an external storage device or a memory card, connect the device to your computer and turn it on. 

  2. Click the Import button in the toolbar.


  3. In the Devices section of the Import window sidebar, select your computer’s hard disk or the connected external storage device or memory card from which you want to import media. 

    The contents of the disk or device appear in a list at the bottom of the Import window. You can select clips individually in list view, and a preview of the clip appears at the top of the Import window.